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Miranda Malisani, RNCP is a Toronto based Nutritionist who is recognized nationally for her expertise in holistic nutrition. Her down-to-earth attitude and ability to cater…… Read More
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Miranda lets you in on her secrets to make kids eat HEALTHY FOOD! The Polka Dot Plate is a video blog of the healthy and fun snacks and meals she makes for her 4 year old son.… Read More

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Miranda is the Nutrition Expert for The Marilyn Denis Show and has been on more than 100 times. She is thrilled to be part of this successful, national show now going into its fourth season.… Read More

The Polka Dot Plate Blog

Miranda lets you in on her secrets to make kids eat HEALTHY FOOD! The Polka Dot Plate is a video blog of the healthy and fun snacks and meals she makes for her 4 year old son.

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Miranda Malisani has been named “Nutrition Expert” and is a regular guest on The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV. She brings current nutrition advice for real life.

Check Out Miranda's Blog on The Marilyn Denis Show here.

Live Light Nutrition

Live Light Nutrition offers nutrition counseling, weight loss coaching, and wellness seminars. Although the focus is primarily nutrition, we understand that lasting results are only achieved through addressing the mind, body, spirit connection.

indexMiranda’s 6 Week Group Weight Loss & Lifestyle Changing Program  Start the New Year a New You! Miranda is offering a 6-week Weight Loss Program designed to inspire you to live your healthiest life. Program Details When: Mondays 7:30p.m. to 9p.m.  January 12th, 2015 to February 16th, 2015 Where: The Black Dog Pub 87 Island Rd West Rouge, ON M1C 2P6 The program includes menu plans, a grocery store tour, health food samples and information that will help you to make a permanent lifestyle shift.  We welcome all individuals who are looking for support and are open to supporting others… Read More
2014-09-29_FilmCrew_9290160(1)Today on The Marilyn Denis Show I fulfilled a personal goal that has filled my heart with gratitude and will be forever locked in my memory. 2014-09-29_FilmCrew_9290140                 I grew up in a lovely small town called Ardoch in the area of North Frontenac.  Many wonderful members of the community donated goods from their own cupboards to help others when they couldn’t get by.  My family was a recipient of this food bank at various times when I was a child. Although the sense of “giving” was part of the town, there was also… Read More
Meet Nicole… A Holistic Nutritionist and new member of the Live Light Nutrition team! Her first assignment was to try out VEGA’s Sugar-Free Energizer and report back. Here are her comments below. image(3)Nicole Inwentash, CNP Going to the gym has always been a passion of mine. I love starting my day with an early work out. Usually, when I wake up in the morning, I’m pretty tired and unmotivated to exercise because I have low energy. I heard about Vega’s Sugar-Free Energizer product and thought I would try it out. I took the drink 20 minutes before my spin class… Read More
Dancing for love of your fruit and vegetables Need Miranda’s Help to Make a Major Lifestyle Change? Miranda currently offers a three-month one-on-one customized online nutrition program, and only takes on a select number of clients. The next available start dates are September 1st, October 1st & November 1st.  Miranda’s assessment is based on a thorough investigation of your lifestyle patterns and habits. Her program is individually designed and requires a good deal of commitment and dedication. Her program includes customized meal plans, weekly check-ins and fine-tuning, unlimited support, coaching and most importantly a understanding of your emotional connection with your existing food patterns. Before signing up, Miranda Read More
5 bottles image from the brch I recently completed a 3-day juice cleanse with The Cold Pressed Juice Company as a way to reset my digestion and support a fantastic couple (Team Powell) through their weight loss challenge on The Marilyn Denis Show. I am so grateful for this experience as not only did it give me additional energy, clearer skin and mental clarity, but it reminded me of the importance of having gratitude for every bite of food. This mental and physical challenge helped me to become more connected to my body and others around me. For my video blogs during my cleanse visit my… Read More
IMG_1119Cashew ‘Whipped Cream’ on a Bowl of Fresh Organic Berries   Having cashews around the house is a great idea due to their versatility – you can have them raw as a snack, sprinkle them on salads or use them in baking. Cashews are packed with essential minerals and contain 5 grams of protein per ¼ of a cup. This cashew cream recipe is delicious! The “cream” is sweetened naturally with medjool dates, which provide a good source of minerals and fibre. It is so rich and creamy, you will think you are eating dairy.       Ingredients: 1… Read More
bottleOverlay3 Finally a perfume that makes scents! The Canadian perfume brand Evoke is created by eco-expert Candice Batista who uses all natural high grade oils and plant botanicals while incorporating traditional Chinese medicine. These scents have a strong impact on both our emotional state and physical body. There are five different scents – or elements – that make up this eco line. These include metal, wood, fire, earth and water, which are all routed to assist different organs in our body. Evoke encourages its consumers to “listen to what your body needs and allow each scent to evoke the elements from… Read More
    Today I had the opportunity to zero-in on two viewers meals and offer some healthy suggestions on The Marilyn Denis Show. This is one of my favourite parts of being a nutritionist because I know that even a few small changes made everyday can set the stage for a huge exciting change. One of the suggestions I made was to try new foods and swap out the not so healthy products for better quality ones. I showcased Little LIFE Box as an easy way to begin this change.  When you subscribe to Little Life Box they will send… Read More