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 “It’s hard to know what feeling good feels like if you don’t give your body the right fuel.” This was straight from the mouth from my own husband who lost 9 pounds, went down 5% body fat and dropped 2.5 inches of his waist in 6 weeks on The Hubby Diet.

We have been together for 14 years and simply being married to a Nutritionist he felt that he ate healthy because he came home to a healthy dinner. However, he would barely eat breakfast, go all day without eating much and then eat all night, after his healthy dinner. He turned 38 this year and noticed that this way of eating was catching up with him while we were vacationing on a beach in Florida over Christmas.

Does this sound familiar?  This is a common pattern among many men. Food is often an after thought;  a last minute decision when the hunger pains can’t be fought off anymore. Followed by overeating, burping, bloating, hiccups and heartburn. My husband couldn’t satisfy his hunger even after he ate too much. He was disconnected from his body’s signs. That is, until he agreed to change his eating habits. After a 6 week experiment, he now eats every 4 hours, eats the right amount of food, feels a crazy amount of real energy, doesn’t need as much caffeine, isn’t bloated, feels happier and more aware of what he needs to do daily to look and feel amazing.

This has had an incredible influence on our two boys, who now sees hims making his health a priority. Before, it was mean old mom making them eat healthy foods, now we are a team at this and everyone is better for it.


Flourless Banana Muffins


Simple Hearty Salads


Coconut Maple Chia Pudding



We want to share this plan with you as we feel that it can benefit everyone.

We’ve included our menu plans, with recipes and shopping lists. We even have a section on how to change portions for the wifey on this plan. It is currently 50% off – only $10.08! Grab it while you can as this deal will expire soon.

We have started a Facebook group and we are both offering support where needed, so come on over and take The Hubby Diet challenge!!


Miranda & Justin <3


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