Eat It Forward


We must eat to survive, and Eat It Forward to thrive

Eat It Forward is a destination in Uxbridge, Ontario (opening soon) and an online store for premium health foods and lifestyle products to fuel you forward
The focus of Eat it Forward is nourishment – nourishment of mind, body and soul through the simple art of eating and giving.

While giving to yourself by choosing these nutritionally superior products you will also be giving to help nourish others. With your support, every month Eat it Forward will be donating a portion of sales in the form of health foods to a new food bank across Canada.

Miranda’s passion and desire to give to the Eat It Forward mission comes from an organic place as she grew up experiencing the harsh reality of food insecurity. During her childhood and adolescent years her family relied on the local food bank for support. Her past has given her first hand insight into the challenging emotional and physical effects of not having proper nourishment. Miranda has had an allergy to MSG since she was a small child and often the canned goods provided to her family contained this preservative. Sometimes the only option was to consume it and just feel unwell. Food banks have changed over the years and there are more fresh options, but one thing that lacks is healthy convenient foods for families. Life is busy and it gets even busier when financial stressors are at it’s peak. Eat It Forward is committed to providing healthy convenient foods for kids lunches, for healthy snacks at work and better quality swaps for commonly enjoyed items.

This is one “give” that will help those in need but perhaps more importantly, it is a symbol of how simple acts of giving can reverberate and fuel people forward in a positive way.

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