Grilled Cheese ~ Livin’ Light Style


My son adores grilled cheese sandwiches like most kids do.

I’ve changed it up slightly to make it easier to digest, but still gooey-good.
Traditional grilled cheese sandwiches  call for butter, those conveniently packaged cheese slices or what I like to call food-colored fake cheese and white bread (sugar). It’s so simple to take a traditional item like a grilled cheese and swap the unhealthy ingredients for more health promoting ones.
Instead of White Bread substitute for an alternative like Spelt Bread. Stone Mill is popular in most mainstream grocery stores. Spelt is higher in B vitamins and a light enough bread that your kids won’t think it’s that healthy ;)
Instead of food-colored fake cheese swap it for cheddar goat cheese. Goat cheese is the easiest dairy product to digest. It’s properties are closest to mother’s milk and it melts well!

Instead of butter try grape seed oil. It’s high in anti-oxidants and has a high smoke point.

Instead of sugary Ketchup try letting your kids dip it in some healthy hummus or salsa. Usually, as long as they are dipping all is good!

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