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Miranda Malisani has been named “Nutrition Expert” and is a regular guest on The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV. She brings current nutrition advice for real life.

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Powerful Food Pairs

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani reveals the dynamic food duos that should be consumed together!

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Reading Food Labels

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani shares the easiest ways to navigate a food label

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4 Ingredient Sleep Snacks

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani shares 4-ingredient sleep snacks to get more zzzzzz’s

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Sleep Stealing Foods

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani shares some vital tips that will take the stress out of losing weight.

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Miranda’s Makeover Meals – Susanne

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani gives viewer Susanne a meal makeover!

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Miranda’s Makeover Meals – M.J

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani gives viewer M.J a meal makeover!

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Get More Nutrients From Your Foods

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani shares tips and tricks to get more nutrients out of your healthy foods

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Tips for your Weight Loss Journey

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani offers weight loss tips

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Team Powell’s Favourite Dishes

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani and Team Powell share their favourite recipes from their weekly meal plan.

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Easy Three Ingredient Dishes

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani shares healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options with few fixings.

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Fab Fit Foods

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, has the skinny on the newest health foods on the market.

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Kick the Habit

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, breaks down how to overcome your un-healthy habits so you can keep those New Year’s resolutions.

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Seven Day Weight Loss

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, reveals simple everyday changes that can help you stay fit over the holidays.

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Facing the Festive Feast

Nutritionist Miranda Malisani shows us the best way to navigate a party buffet.

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Happy Hangovers

Miranda Malisani shares tips for enjoying your drinks without worrying about the dreaded hangover.

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Cures from the Kitchen

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, shows us how to kick-start the healing process from the inside out.

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An Apple a Day

Nutritionist, Miranda Malisani, shows how to make the most of apple season with multiple ways to harvest their health benefits.

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