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Ipanema Valley Fruit Brownies are truly unique. Millions of fruit cells compressed together and we’re not kidding. Our fruits are concentrated in pressure pots to attain a truly smooth texture. Combine delectable texture with a well balanced nutritional profile and you have your favorite new treat from Brazil.

Miranda’s Memo

When glancing through food labels at the grocery store it’s a hard task to find a product with minimal ingredients that both kids and adults can happily consume.

The average store-bought brownie has over ten processed, refined and nutrient-empty ingredients, except for this one. Ipanema Valley Banana Brownies look like a brownie, taste like a brownie and has just one ingredient: bananas.

They are gluten-free, contain no added sugar and are 100% vegan.  They provide you with high levels of potassium, fiber and natural energy. From the small family farms of Brazil, non-GMO sourced fruit is concentrated by 5x to create a snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth yet is packed with nutrients. They are great for all ages and stages. I keep a couple of banana brownies in my purse for a quick snack for my boys. I love them after a workout before I get to have a meal. This product has truly made my life easier as a busy mom-on-the-go. I adore products that keep your tastebuds happy and deliver a variety of nutrients to the body at the same time.

“Banana Brownie” Ice Cream Sundae

Serves 3


3 bananas, peeled, cut into chunks and frozen
1/4 to 1/2 cup coconut milk
4 Ipanema Valley Banana Brownies cut into square chunks
2 tbsp pure maple syrup mixed with 1 tbsp organic cocoa powder (for chocolate sauce)

In a food processor or high-powered blender, puree the bananas, adding the coconut milk as needed, until whipped to a creamy consistency, about 2 minutes.

Scoop into a sundae bowl and top with the banana brownies, chocolate sauce and any other healthy toppings you desire

Each Ipanema Valley Brownie offer a natural Source of Energy. Get up to 16% of your daily recommended fiber intake per 40g serving.

We use a lot of Bananas! They are a great source of Potassium. Get up to 12% of your recommended daily Potassium intake per 40g serving.

Our Banana, Guava, Pineapple & Fig Brownies are Gluten Free.

Our Ipanema Valley Fruit Brownies are individually wrapped for the perfect bite size snack. A great zero sugar added treat for kids lunches, for busy parents looking for a healthy mid-day treat & for the athletic warriors looking for a natural energy boost.

A colorful range of tropical Goodness in Banana, Guava, Pineapple and Fig. The texture of our Brownies are like no other. Smooth, with a resemblance to fudge.

We’ve crafted a harmonious balance between the sweet flavor of Bananas and the tartness of Pineapples and Guava.


Our fruit suppliers are small family owned farms that grow their harvest free from any herbicides or pesticides. The local production of these traditional Brazilian snacks help provide a stable source of employment for many people in the countryside.



Our snacks are available at Pusateri’s Fine Foods and a variety of health food stores throughout Toronto. 

To find your closest location, visit our website at www.ipanemavalley.com





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