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Spice Sanctuary Organic True Cinnamon – 50g

Holding significantly lower couramin levels than all other cinnamon varieties, Spice Sanctuary True Cinnamon or sometimes known as Ceylon Cinnamon is also sweeter, lighter and less bitter than other cinnamons. Cinnamon is known to help lower blood sugar levels, improve circulation and has a high ORAC antioxidant value too.

This product is all certified organic and there are no other non-spice ingredients (commonly found even in organic spices such as maltodextrin, citric acid, silicion dioxide). All of our spices are non-irradiated and non-fumigated.

Delivered directly from coops and farmers around the world with the shortest supply chain possible, this spice is hand harvested, recent harvest, best grade and purchased and blended in small batches optimizing freshness, potency and purity even more. Furthermore, they are packaged only the once and done so in Canada to maximize quality control and minimize any dilution of the superior quality we have diligently worked to source. Spice Sanctuary is the only Canadian spice supplier to deliver organic spices and blends in such a detailed and sustainable way.

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When I cook dinner, I love incorporating new spices into my meals. However, there are many spices found in grocery stores that are ladened with chemicals and flavours. Spice Sanctuary spices are 100% organic and contain no other non-spice ingredients. If you find some of your dishes a bit bland tasting, these spices will not only add incredible flavour, but they are also nutritious and beneficial to our health. I love the smell of the Spice Sanctuary spices- they are reminiscent of India and each blend has a unique smell that is exceptionally warming to each dish. The spices come in 10 different flavours- Turmeric, Cinnamon, Asafoetida, Sweet, Moroccan, Super Spice, Butter Chicken, Mexican Spice, Middle East Feast, and Jamaican me Tasty. So what are the health benefits of each of these spices? Let’s take a look and I’ll tell you why I LOVE Spice Sanctuary and the significance of their nutritional properties!


  • True Cinnamon (also known as Ceylon Cinnamon) is a sweeter and lighter cinnamon
  • True cinnamon is beneficial for balancing blood sugar levels and improve circulation in your body, especially poor circulation in your hands and feet


Organic Ingredients: True Cinnamon

A 50g bag will yield approximately 25 teaspoons.

Suitable for a gluten free, nut free and vegan diet.

As the most used spice in North America, this True Cinnamon has converted all cinnamon users to never go back to what they used to buy. Extremely easy to use everyday, it’s great for sprinkling into coffee, tea, oatmeal, smoothies, fruit salads, baking goods, desserts, sauces, savoury dishes such as curries and of course hearty soups too.

For more inspiration on how to use this very popular blend, visit our blog on our website or email us.

Always store in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place and not near your stove.

There is no comparison when you smell and taste this Spice Sanctuary True Cinnamon with any other conventional or Cassia cinnamon. It is so smooth on the palate and amazingly sweet that you can use this alone to sweeten your coffee and tea and almost anything.


It is worth noting that for organic spices and even non-GMO spices, only 95% of the ingredients need to be certified organic or non-GMO and so the other 5% can be non organic or GMO leaving room for the nasties to creep in yet the product is still considered an organic product or non-GMO as the case may be.

This is why none of our products contain any of the following ingredients commonly found in other organic and non-organic spices within Canada:

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Citric acid (usually synthetically made possibly from GMO sources)
  • Maltodextrin (usually synthetically made possibly from GMO sources)
  • Silicon Dioxide (usually synthetically made possibly from GMO sources)
  • “Flavourings” or “Extracts”
  • Hydrogenated Oils
  • Ethoxyquin

We strongly believe organic is not enough. It is not organic that makes spices taste better or healthier for you but the quality and the factors such as grades, volatile oil content, harvesting methods, harvest year, journey time that all contribute to what should be the best quality possible. This is why the Spice Sanctuary exists and why we strongly believe organic is not enough and not all spices are created equal.

No wonder our products are regularly featured on Canadian television and used by Executive Chefs!


We would be happy to send you 4 spice or blend samples (approx 5g each) of your choice as part of our Taster collections. Be sure to leave us a note with your order as to your choices.



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