Sea-licious is the best tasting omega-3 fish oil on today’s market. Sourced from the purest and most sustainable anchovies and sardines, Sea-licious offers a uniquely light, smooth textured oil without the burp-back or fishy aftertaste.

Each teaspoon offers:

One serving of Sea-licious provides superior support for:

  • Healthy brain function
  • Improved memory, concentration and mental clarity
  • Healthy heart and cardiovascular function
  • Balanced mood and hormones
  • Joint health

Reduced pain and inflammation



Miranda’s Memo

I was a teen in the 90’s and I remember having the low-fat, no-fat, reduced fat, fat-free mantra drilled into my brain as being the healthiest option. If I had more fat at the time I might have been able to challenge this thinking.

Our brain is the fattest organ in the body. It’s made up of 60% fat. Each brain cell is coated with fat, which helps to keep the signals between the brain and rest of the body efficient and precise. This fatty coating also protects neurons from injury and reduces inflammation. More than two thirds of the brain is made up of DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid found primarily in oily fish. Studies have shown that getting the right amount of these fats can help prevent depression, dementia and alzheimers disease. You may also increase your child’s brain-power if these fats are consumed during pregnancy and throughout their foundational years. Research has shown that children have better concentration, memory and are more focused with the right dose of these healthy fats. Omega-3 fats are essential which means your body can’t make it so you can only get it from your diet. . Sardines, mackeral, herring and salmon are a great source of Omega’3’s. Plant-based versions such as hemp hearts, chia seeds and flax seeds, walnuts and green leafy’s contain omega-3’s but the body has to convert it for it to be similar to the structure of what’s found in oily fish.

When both my boys were at the age where they could eat fish I introduced sardines right away. I often served it for breakfast with brown rice before heading off to daycare. At age one they didn’t have the taste experience to compare it to any other fish so they ate it happily. Now that my eldest is a bit more opiniated he’s not as anxious to consume the fishy fish, so when I discovered Sealicious I was delighted that I could give them a supplement that could provide them with these crucial fats, but in a flavour that they actually ask me for. In a range of flavours like Cotton Candy, Raspberry Lemonade, Tropical Colada and now Maple there’s something for everyone. One of the best features of this fish oil aside from it’s 5-star IFOS testing and certified for purity and potency is that there is no fishy aftertaste or fishy burps as I my husband likes to call it.

Adults start with 1 teaspoon a day and children ½ teaspoon per day.



Sea-licious Tangerine Lime, Raspberry Lemonade and Tropical Colada:

  • 250ml and 500ml available. All of our Sea-licious products have NPN
  • Serving size: 1 teaspoon or 5ml daily
  • Each teaspoon contains: 750mg EPA and 500mg DHA
  • Non-medicinal ingredients: Rosemary extract, Mixed tocopherols, Siraitia grosvenorii fruit extract, Ascorbic palmitate, Astaxanthin, natural fruit flavours
  • Non-GMO and gluten free

Recommended Daily Dose:

  • Adults and adolescents 14 years and older 1 tsp. (5ml)
  • Children 1-13 years old ½ tsp. (2.5ml)
  • Therapeutic Healing 1 tbsp. (15ml)

Sea-licious can be taken any time of the day as it is very gentle on the stomach and will not give any fishy burpbacks or aftertastes. It is also delicious to add to smoothies, salad dressings and yogurts.

Shake well before using. Refrigerate after opening and Sea-licious will stay fresh for at least 3 months in the fridge.

Many of our first time customers are delightedly surprised to find Sea-licious very delicious with zero fishy taste or smell. Many complimented on the fact that it’s a very light oil with unique flavors and natural ingredients. For our repeat customers, they love the selection of flavors and the amount of Omega-3s per teaspoon. Many have switched from softgels to liquids due to the efficacy, purity, taste and quality of our oils.

Raspberry Lemonade is our best seller and our newest Natural Maple has been a huge hit with customers. Some have even suggested pouring it over their pancakes as it tastes that delicious. Parents and kids alike love our Sea-licious Kids Cotton Candy with Vitamin D3 as not only is it one of the very few products their children are willing to take and even ask for daily dose, Sea-licious Kids is sugar-free with no artificial flavors or sweeteners and is 3rd party tested by IFOS Program for purity and potency. This means there is no mercury or heavy metals and parents can rest assure they are feeding their kids the healthiest and most safest Omega-3.


One of the most common questions we receive from our customers is why do we prefer liquid over softgels? We encourage consumers to take Omega-3s in a liquid form because:

  1. It is more easily absorbed in the body.
  2. It’s important to get the right dose of Omega-3 per serving. One teaspoon of Sea-licious is usually equivalent to about 4-5 softgels as the recommended minimum dose is 1000mg. Sea-licious offers 1500mg per teaspoon. 

Sea-licious is available at fine natural health food stores and pharmacies all across Canada. Some stores also have online shopping. To find a location nearest you, please visit our website at and click on the “where to buy” tab.




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