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Former SLHS student shares her career successes

by Julie Druker

Photo: SLHS graduate and new Nutrition Expert on The Marilyn Denis Show Miranda Malisani with Marilyn Denis. Courtesy of Miranda Malisani
Miranda Malisani (Tallon), who graduated from Sharbot Lake High School in 2000, recently landed a job as one of 15 experts on the popular national CTV daytime television show, The Marilyn Denis Show.
On Jan. 20, Miranda shared some of the steps that led to her career success with students at her old high school. In a Skype interview from her home in Toronto with grade 10 students in Mr. McCullough’s Civics/Careers Class, Miranda first outlined her education.
After graduating from SLHS she studied broadcast journalism at Ryerson University and graduated from the program in 2004. She then landed a job as a production assistant working for the Gemini Awards and after that managed the office at the Toronto Naturopathic Clinic where she also co-wrote a health column for 24 Hours, a free daily newspaper owned by the Toronto Sun.
Her love of the subjects of nutrition and health eventually led her back to school and she studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and at the Edison Institute for Nutrition. In order to pay off her earlier school debt she worked while studying as an events planner. After marriage and the birth of her son, who is now 2 years old, she took maternity leave and set up her own business called Live Light Nutrition ( which she still operates today.
It was around this time that she became aware that Marilyn Denis was looking for a number of lifestyle experts to do segments on her new show. On a whim Miranda sent in an application with a photo. She later found out that 3500 people had applied for the job in person. She received a call back and though she was not initially chosen as one of the 15 experts, the show directors asked to her pitch six ideas. They liked her and what she pitched, and that led to her doing five segments for Marilyn’s first season, after which she landed a job as the nutrition expert on the show.
Miranda definitely has come a long way from her first summer jobs. As student at SLHS she worked as part of the maintenance crew at Sharbot Lake Provincial Park, scooped ice cream, and cleaned cottages in Plevna. It is no wonder that Miranda had lots of great advice to share with the grade 10 students. “I told them that every step that they take in life will help them to find their way, whether it helps them to become a better a team player or encourages them to think more creatively,” Miranda said when interviewed by phone. “I also told them that they’ll know when they are doing something that they truly love because it doesn’t feel like work at all.”
She continued, “I have been extremely lucky. I had two loves, one for broadcasting and the other for health and nutrition and how I have been able to do both. I have the firm belief that when you are doing something that is true to yourself it brings with it a passion and an authenticity that others recognize. It is this amazing positive energy that comes as a result, which is what can make you truly successful.”
Some other pieces of advice for the students were: “Don’t let your peers dictate your choices and the courses you may chose to take. Do things that you yourself feel strongly about and remember to try new things but to also follow your heart.” Not just good advice for students but for everyone. For more information about Miranda’s business visit where you can also see clips of her segments on the Marilyn Denis Show.
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