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Than you for taking part in Miranda's Preferred Product Program! Please fill out the following information with as much specific information as possible to give our visitors a well rounded view of your product. If you have any questions please direct them to
  • Please include the health features of this product. Why should one purchase this product? Who should purchase this product? What sets this product apart from competitors? What is unique about this product?
  • Please include the nutritional breakdown of your project. Feel free to be as specific as possible. Please include serving size information for reference where appropriate.
  • Include any and all information on the best way to consume or use this product. From mixes to time of day, consume with other ingredients to increase health benefits, etc. How to care for and best storage.
  • Describe how your product tastes to the average consumer. What should they expect? What flavours are top sellers?
  • Any info that the average customer wouldn’t know about your product that you feel they should know?
  • If you offer this option please include information
  • We love offering our visitors a discount to try your product.
  • Include store information for Canada only. Include online store if applicable.
  • Please upload an image of your product.
  • Please upload a second image of your product if available.
  • Please upload a third image of your product if available.
  • Please upload a fourth image of your product if available.
  • Please upload a fifth image of your product if available.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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