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Miranda is a Nationally Recognized, Media-Trained Nutritionist and Influencer. 






Holistic Lifestyle Makeovers: from skin care to snack bars, we can survey your current lifestyle and offer specific suggestions to improve your heath.

We offer protocols that lead to positive and sustainable change. With only a very select number of clients taken at one time, we offer thorough, customized and supportive programs. This allows for us to provide health support and lifestyle counseling with optimal service to our clients.

*Miranda is currently offering a 4-week customized online program. This includes a first assessment, weekly check-ins, customized menu plans, and unlimited support where needed.

VIP Nutrition Support: Miranda has consulted for Celebrities, Musicians, Athletes, and Executives across North America. Miranda’s down-to-earth and intuitive abilities allow her to truly help her clients no matter what type of lifestyle they lead.

Vocal & Performance Support: Miranda can recommend the foods to include and avoid for nourished vocal chords, to maintain energy during a performance, to support the immune system while touring and to manage a healthy weight and physique.

Specialized Diet for Television & Movies: Miranda can create a customized plan to help actors get into shape for a role. She also provides key nutrients for supporting long days on set.

*Travel requests require a minimum of 2 week planning time due to media commitments. Please contact for more information.


Healthy Recipe Development: Miranda can take your featured product or ingredient and turn it into a healthy recipe with both flavour and health benefit.

Branded Content:  Miranda offers blogs, Youtube videos, media-segments and more. 

Speaking Engagements with Healthy Swag Bags & Smoothie Stations:  Miranda will customize talks, offer interactive and colourful displays of healthy food and cooking demos for your attendees. She works with a large number of companies who supply her with samples for your participants to enjoy. 

Creative Projects: Miranda is always open to a new challenge. From hosting a television program to offering a health-inspired office makeover. Feel free to drop us a line with anything you can dream up!

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*Holistic Nutritional consulting is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure disease.  If you believe you may have a health condition, see a Medical or Naturopathic Doctor.


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