Spring Cleansing Smoothie & VEGA Giveaway!

IMG_3596It’s easy to get in a smoothie rut during the winter months as our body doesn’t crave cold and water-dense ingredients. We’d rather be eating heavier, warming foods when the temperatures are below zero. Now that we are in April we are awaiting May flowers, listening to birds sing and ditching the snow tires.  Fresh, colourful, and light are some of the words that come to mind when I think about Spring.  It’s the time we reconnect with nature and our bodies.  It’s important that we help our bodies to “spring clean” and eliminate lingering toxins and other elements that no longer serve us.  Consuming a colourful assortment of water-dense whole foods can help you improve your mental clarity, creativity and energy.  This green smoothie featuring Vega’s Protein + Greens powder is hydrating, cleansing, refreshing and satiating to help you put your best (winter bootless) foot forward.


Spring Cleansing Smoothie Recipe


1 cup of Coconut Water: Hydrates, replenishes electrolytes and minerals

One scoop Vega Protein + Greens powder in Vanilla: One scoop has 20 grams of protein and two servings of greens with no added sugar.

3-4 pieces of frozen Pineapple: Cleanses, aids digestion, increase circulation, and purifies blood

2-inch piece of Cucumber: Very hydrating, a good source of fiber (leave the skin on!)

Small piece of peeled Ginger: Reduces inflammation, nausea, and boosts immune system

Handful of baby Kale: Great cancer fighting properties, and can help regulate estrogen, and will help alkalize.*Baby greens for smoothies because they typically have more mild flavours and blend easier.

3-4 leaves of Mint: Stimulates bile flow, soothes the stomach and energizes

Directions:  Add all ingredients into a high-powered blender and blend until smooth!

By: Holly Morris RHN


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  1. Vicky says:

    Hi Miranda,

    This recipe sounds great. I will give it a try this week. I assume I could easily swap out the kale for a handful of baby spinach?

    I haven’t tried the Vega Chlorella yet, but the Protein & Greens is my go to Smoorhie add-in. Love that it doesn’t leave a yucky after taste.

    Thanks very much for the recipe.

    Vicky S

    • Yes, swap out for a variety of greens Vicky!

    • Megan says:

      I wish I felt the same about Vega Protein & Greens. I don’t understand why but something about that taste just makes me totally nauseous :( I have two huge bins at home that I cannot bring myself to use up… And I’m usually such a fan of VEGA products!

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