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I can safely say that we’ve spent almost all but two days (we were away) doing something fun with our Springfree trampoline since school was out for summer.

We jump, play tag, put the sprinkler underneath on hot days, have dance parties, dunk hoops, play interactive video games and exercise to some pretty intense workouts (thanks to Tgoma) and we’ve gazed at the stars while lying down on the trampoline at night.


I’m able to be in my garden longer and get some outside tasks done without a “mama, mama play with me!” every three minutes.

The boys are getting in a ridiculous amount of activity during the day which is making them sleep better at night. I’ve noticed huge changes in their balance and coordination and that has created more confidence in my eldest.

I couldn’t be happier with our Springfree, well I guess I’d be happier if I had my own because the kids don’t let me on!

Everyone deserves this kind of happiness, so I’ve partnered with Springfree to giveaway a trampoline  featuring Tgoma worth over $3000!

YES $3,000!!!

Simply follow this link to enter: WIN A TRAMPOLINE






  1. Carla Oliveira says:

    Miranda is amazing!

  2. Anna says:

    Fun for the whole family!

  3. TҺanks meant fοr giνing tһese sort of superb subject material. http://bit.ly/2da3Q7F

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