7 Day Fall Detox

Summer was fun! Maybe a little too much fun? You might have consumed too many smokey BBQ burgers with extra bacon and cheese, one too many slices of wedding cake, and a few more glasses of sangria than anticipated. As a result, your body might be more acidic than it should be. You may be low on energy, craving sweets and carbs for quick fixes leaving you feeling completely drained by the end of the day.

The leaves are now changing, the air is turning brisk and before you know it you have that sniffle back in your nose.  You feel it every year and usually it turns into a viscous head cold, flu or sinus infection.
Break the cycle this year. 
The fall season brings with it many challenges to fight off many respiratory illnesses, viruses and pathogens.  Be prepared this year.

It’s time to cleanse your body and build up your immune strength.

Join Live Light Nutrition 
for a 7 day fall detox

This cleanse is for everyone as it is gentle and easy to follow. 
It is based on reducing processed refined foods and introducing more cleansing whole foods. 

I will post a list of some of the ingredients before we begin the cleanse so you can prepare.  
Everyday I will post food, beverages, and supplements for the following day. 
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