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MYTH: Using “quinoa” in the title of a muffin recipe automatically makes it a healthy alternative.

FACT: If you took out the 1/2 cup of quinoa for the whole recipe, you’d be left with a enriched white flour raspberry muffin, made with nutrient-poor, inflammatory ingredients.


We can do better.

Come back this week to see how I renovate this Quinoa Raspberry Muffin recipe to be HEALTHY and TASTY!





IMG_2051Just a few more weeks until the official start of SPRING! I’m not a lover of winter for many reasons, but dry-cracked red skin is high up on the list of reasons to say See Ya, Winter!

Since we are almost ready to start peeling back the layers of our clothing, it’s the perfect time to shed dehydrated, cracked deficient skin too. The best way to do this is by increasing skin-specific superfoods!

Beautiful skin is an inside job.



This smoothie is stocked with superfoods for skin health.

Spring Glow Smoothie 


1/2 cup Papaya: rejuvenates, reduces wrinkles, moisturizes

2 Kiwis: collagen-boosting, firmer skin

1 Lemon (juice only): collagen-boosting, reduces free radical damage, acne fighter

6 Brazil Nuts: anti-aging, reduces free-radical damage

1 tbsp Chia Seeds: skin healing and regenerating, glowing skin, hydration

1 tsp Turmeric: anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, eczema soother, reduces acne flare-ups

*You can add a dash of black pepper to increase the bioavailability of turmeric!

3/4 cup Pure Water: Proper hydration is crucial for healthy, glowing skin


  1. Peel skin of kiwis and juice lemon
  2. Add all ingredients to a high-powered blender and blend

Would love to hear from you if you notice a difference in your skin with these ingredients!

Miranda <3



It’s hard to resist a chocolate chip cookie…so don’t!

Just make sure it’s free of junky ingredients and includes easy-to-digest, natural and wholesome alternatives.

These cookies make an allergy-safe school snack, healthy treat for work or a delicious dessert, post-meal.











I’m on a millet kick this week. It’s one of the cheapest grain-like seeds on the market. It provides minerals like magnesium (great for keeping you calm) B vitamins (to keep you happy), fibre (to keep your gut happy) and other antioxidants (for good health overall)

I used millet flakes in this recipe, which you can find at most health food stores.

Now, the most important ingredient in this recipe is CHOCOLATE. I used a combo of half vegan chocolate chips and cacao nibs. Cacao nibs are nature’s chocolate providing a booster of antioxidants, minerals and fibre.

Chocolate Chips Cookies 

(vegan, gluten-free)

Makes 16


1 cup millet flakes

1/2 cup brown rice flour

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp baking power

1/4 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/4 cup pumpkin seed butter

1/4 cup maple syrup

1/4 cup unsweetened organic apple sauce

2 tbsp organic virgin coconut oil

1/4 cup vegan chocolate chips + cacao nibs


  1. Preheat oven to 350 F
  2. Mix millet flakes, brown rice flour, sea salt, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon in a medium bowl
  3. Mix pumpkin seed butter, maple syrup, apple sauce and coconut oil
  4. Add wet ingredients to dry and combine
  5. Add in chocolate chips/cacao nibs and mix throughout
  6. On a sheet of unbleached parchment paper, dollop 1 tbsp of batter on cookie sheet
  7. Bake on the middle rack for 15 minutes or until golden brown on the bottom
  8. Let cool
  9. Enjoy!

Miranda <3

IMG_1919My main focus when packing snacks  for my two boys is to sneak in some protein, fibre and healthy fats to provide immune system support, keep them regular and support their growing brains.

The right foods keep them focused, full of healthy energy (not the hyper-crazy energy from refined carb snacks) and feel their best so they can learn the most.

Naturally kids love carbs, especially muffins and cookies. They provide quick energy, take no time to scarf down and are often sweet tasting.

Both my boys are no exception, but the muffins and cookies I pack for them are.

This recipe is one of my favourites as it’s quick to make, nutritious and the texture is soft unlike some GF muffins sold in stores

I pump it up with some health-inspired ingredients:

  • pumpkin seed butter as just 2 tablespoons provides 10 grams of protein and 30% of your daily iron requirements.
  • millet flour as it’s one of the most easy-to-digest grains and it provides B vitamins
  • ground flax makes a great substitute for eggs in recipes when you want to amp up anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids. Flax also provides a great fibre boost to these muffins.

I kept this batch free of add-ins, but you can get creative and add cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips, raw pieces of walnuts, cashews or almonds (if you aren’t making this for school) or any diced dried fruit.

Banana Pumpkin Butter Mini Muffins 

Makes 24 minis


2 medium organic ripe bananas

2 tbsp pumpkin seed butter

2 tbsp organic virgin coconut oil

2 tbsp ground flax + 6 tbsp water (let sit for 5 minutes before adding to bowl)

1 cup millet flour

1/2 cup organic coconut palm sugar

1/4 tsp baking sodar

1/4 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp sea salt


  1. Preheat oven to 350F
  2. In a medium mixing bowl mash bananas.
  3. Add coconut oil (liquid), pumpkin seed butter and ground flax/water combination and stir until combined
  4. In a separate bowl add millet flour, coconut sugar, baking soda, baking powder and sea salt and stir
  5. Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients while mixing.
  6. Stir until combined
  7. Add mini muffins liners to mini muffin tin
  8. Bake on middle rack for 11-13 minutes or until golden brown

I’d love to hear from you if you make an interesting variation!

Miranda <3




Hazelnut Almond Chocolate Protein Bar

If you haven’t tried making your own protein bar yet then you MUST make this a priority. A huge amount of the bars you find on stores shelves have far too much sugar, fake fibre and a long list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Skip those bars, make your own. Your body will thank you.




Hazelnut Almond Chocolate Protein Bars

Makes 12.


1 cup quinoa buckwheat flakes

2/3 cup hazelnut almond butter

3 tbsp raw honey

1/2 scoop Vega Protein & Greens Chocolate

2 tbsp coconut oil

2 tbsp cacao nibs

2 tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut

pinch Himalayan sea salt

1. On low heat combine raw honey, almond hazelnut butter and coconut oil in a small pot until melted. Stir and don’t let it boil.
2. Remove from heat and set aside for a minute
3. Place unbleached parchment paper on a baking sheet
4. Add quinoa buckwheat flakes, protein and greens powder, coconut and sea salt to mixture and stir until combined
5. Once mixture is cool add cacao nibs
6. Add to baking sheet and using your hands flatten into a large square.
6. Chill in fridge for 45 mins.
7. Remove and cut into rectangles



Homemade Dark Chocolate Bark

Chocolate is a feel-good food. When we are stressed or feeling low in energy, this is one of the most common foods we crave as it boosts our mood and evokes the same feelings as when you are in love.

Many chocolate bars on supermarket shelves have a high amount of  refined sugar, poor-quality oils and artificial ingredients, which can lead to mood disruptions, weight gain and further stress!

When you have a chocolate craving, try this Homemade Dark Chocolate Bark. With simple, wholesome ingredients you can reach for a small piece of this and feel good after.


Homemade Dark Chocolate Bark


½ cup coconut oil, melted
½ cup cacao powder
¼ cup maple syrup

¼ cup almonds, chopped
¼ cup cashews, chopped
¼ cup golden berries
¼ cup mulberries

1. Preheat the oven at 300 F.
2. Place almonds and cashews on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Roast for 10-12 minutes
3. In a small saucepan, add coconut oil, cacao powder and maple syrup and stir together over low heat until coconut oil is liquid
4. Remove nuts from oven and carefully pour chocolate mix on top
5. Chop golden berries and mulberries and scatter throughout mix
6. Stick into the freezer for 15 minutes or until hardened

*Best stored in freezer.

Stress-Reducing Ingredients

Cacao Powder: contains one of the highest sources of magnesium, which helps to induce calmness and reduce anxiety.
Coconut Oil: the medium chain fatty acids and antioxidants present help to minimize free radical damage from stress.
Almonds: rich in vitamin E and selenium, important for maintaining a healthy immune system during times of stress. A selenium deficiency is associated with depression.
Cashews: contain tryptophan (the same amino acid responsible for mellowing you out after a turkey dinner). Cashews also have B6, which helps you to feel more centered.
Golden berries & mulberries: contain potent antioxidants that help the body to recover from stress.

Chia pudding is a energy-boosting, velvety tasting, good-for-everyone snack/dessert or even meal (if you make it with the right ingredients)

I make at least one batch every week and change up the flavours. Chocolate is usually my favourite, but I decided to change it up this week.

I’m SO SICK OF THIS BONE CHILLING WEATHER, so I made a tropical-tasting chia pudding to add some sunshine to our food.

Watch this video for the recipe!


As a mom of two boys, I have to be creative with my workouts. I always want to maximize the time we have together, but I feel so much better when I’m active. Plus, the bigger they get, the stronger I want to be.

So, in our house we combine our love for each other with our love for fitness.
My two-year-old loves our sitting inside our laundry basket and pretends that it’s a hot-air balloon. He asked me to make it fly so these lat pulls happened organically. He never wants me to stop, so I push through a lot more reps then I would normally do without him. Boy, do I feel the burn the next day.

It’s a win-win situation. He is active and sleeps better at night, I get a workout in and we have so much fun doing it together.

I treasure this time with him. <3



 “It’s hard to know what feeling good feels like if you don’t give your body the right fuel.” This was straight from the mouth from my own husband who lost 9 pounds, went down 5% body fat and dropped 2.5 inches of his waist in 6 weeks on The Hubby Diet.

We have been together for 14 years and simply being married to a Nutritionist he felt that he ate healthy because he came home to a healthy dinner. However, he would barely eat breakfast, go all day without eating much and then eat all night, after his healthy dinner. He turned 38 this year and noticed that this way of eating was catching up with him while we were vacationing on a beach in Florida over Christmas.

Does this sound familiar?  This is a common pattern among many men. Food is often an after thought;  a last minute decision when the hunger pains can’t be fought off anymore. Followed by overeating, burping, bloating, hiccups and heartburn. My husband couldn’t satisfy his hunger even after he ate too much. He was disconnected from his body’s signs. That is, until he agreed to change his eating habits. After a 6 week experiment, he now eats every 4 hours, eats the right amount of food, feels a crazy amount of real energy, doesn’t need as much caffeine, isn’t bloated, feels happier and more aware of what he needs to do daily to look and feel amazing.

This has had an incredible influence on our two boys, who now sees hims making his health a priority. Before, it was mean old mom making them eat healthy foods, now we are a team at this and everyone is better for it.


Flourless Banana Muffins


Simple Hearty Salads


Coconut Maple Chia Pudding



We want to share this plan with you as we feel that it can benefit everyone.

We’ve included our menu plans, with recipes and shopping lists. We even have a section on how to change portions for the wifey on this plan. It is currently 50% off – only $10.08! Grab it while you can as this deal will expire soon.

We have started a Facebook group and we are both offering support where needed, so come on over and take The Hubby Diet challenge!!

Miranda & Justin <3



Download the Recipes & Meal Plan

Thank you for all who have shown interest in following along with my hubby on The Hubby Diet. In celebration of a New Year and new changes we are offering the entire plan with all of the recipes, shopping lists and additional tips in a downloadable PDF for $20.16. Click on the button below to get your copy!


Watch the Program Trailer

Wifey’s Rules


Get up earlier. You love bed, I get it. We don’t sleep much with the kids, but for this you’ll be grateful if you wake up 30 minutes earlier to begin your day with a calm meal. Well, as calm as it can be with two screaming boys. Make that 45 minutes.

Start the day with one of four rotational choices in an 8 oz. glass of water 15 minutes before eating. Coffee is not part of these four choices. Before your head spins off – RELAX – you can have a coffee or espresso, just not first thing in the morning.

  1. A) 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar “with mother”
  2. B) ½ lemon juice only (do not immerse peel in water unless organic)
  3. C) 1 tbsp. dehydrated sea vegetables
  4. D) Thumb sized peeled and minced ginger & ½ lemon (juice only)


I know the drive-thru is so easy and warm on a blistering day. A toasty, buttery chewy bagel and piping hot double double handed right to you without a fuss is so wonderful. A dream, really. And cracking open a beer once you arrive home after a long day is really a great transition to lull yourself onto the couch, but you’re going to have to shake up these comfortable and unhealthy habits for the next 6 weeks as they are a nutritionist’s nightmare. They promote belly fat, cravings and low energy. It takes 3 weeks to create a habit so stick with it hubster.


Okay, so this is the part where you need to set your alarm. You are a frequent meal skipper and coffee guzzler. You are literally running on fumes and coffee beans.

Here’s the deal:

  • Consume three meals and three snacks on active days. Two snacks on inactive days.
  • Eat within the first hour of waking
  • Do not go more than 3 hours without eating. Avoid eating after 8p.m
  • Eat with awareness and listen to what your body is telling you. If you are hungry, eat. Pay attention to when you are full. We all have patterns of emotional eating – whether it be overeating or under-eating. Know your pattern. For example, I know my hubby should not eat while watching the Raptors, because when DeRozen misses a late fourth quarter free-throw he wants to chomp down on anything ravenously and angrily. That’s not good for your digestion.
  • Avoid letting yourself get so hungry that you devour anything in your path or feeling too full after eating that you have to lay down. The food you eat should give you energy, not make you feel tired after eating it. No couch laying post meal.
  • Avoid starchy carbs throughout the day. Dinner is the time to consume them. Carbs should be full of colour, fibre and antioxidants (root vegetables, quinoa, wild rice, buckwheat)
  • Include protein at every meal
  • Include a variety of leafy greens, fresh vegetables, fibre and essential fats 


This means that you can’t pop out of work and pick up a fat laden bowl of General Tso chicken and fried rice because it is convenient.

  • We will cook enough food at one time that it can be used for one other meal and for school/work lunches. For example, we’ll use the leftover turkey for a salad or for a wrap. Use the rice for a stir-fry the following day with another lean protein and variety of fresh vegetables.
  • Always eat the cut up fresh vegetables I have in the fridge. You are so lucky I do that.
  • ALWAYS read labels. Never assume something is healthy because of the often misleading specific claims or the way it appears without understanding the nutrition facts and ingredients. Remember when you brought home those “healthy” hot dogs and I made you take them back to the store. Healthy sounding doesn’t always translate to healthy.
  • Most people have a hard time understanding portion size. Buy a food scale. You can get a good quality scale for under $20. Never mind, I have one already. It will help you to understand that your leftover pulled pork platter for two doesn’t qualify as a between meals snack.


Minimal added sugar. You’re sweet enough.  Keep it to under 32 grams/day and bonus points for no added sugar at all. And by bonus points I mean I won’t increase your burpees.


Aim for no more than 1500mg of sodium per day. This is the equivalent of 2 pieces of your favourite pepperoni and bacon pizza –so that’s not a whole lot sweetie pie. 


  • No alcohol for this 6 week plan. It’s ONLY 6 weeks. Seriously, you’ll live without beer.
  • It’s best to avoid alcoholic drinks completely for the period of time you are looking to lean out. However, if this is not possible and you must have a drink keep it to two beverages (MAX) per week and keep the following in mind:
  • No sweetened/diet mixers
  • Alcohol makes it harder to lose weight as it impacts blood sugar and increases hunger and sugar cravings. You’re not paying me, so let’s not drag this out to 10 weeks.
  • If you do drink behind my back, be sure to consume more antioxidants, leafy greens and fibre-rich foods to counter this effect both during the day and the next day after consuming alcohol.


  • The boys may call on you, and I know it’s part of the guy-code to eat and drink what everybody else is, but I’m breaking that code for 6 weeks mmmmkay…
  • Research the healthiest restaurants in your work area in advance. Generally, chain-style restaurants have premade foods with higher levels of sodium, sugar, and additional ingredients you should always to avoid…
  • I know you dislike when I ask the server to change my meal to make it healthier, but now you are right there with me, partner!! Woot Woot!
  • Ask for sauce/dressing/marinades on the side
  • For salads, ask for lemon/olive oil on the side
  • For proteins ask for no marinades/salt/preservatives added
  • For vegetables ask for no oil or butter. Opt for steamed, poached, or grilled options
  • Don’t feel like you are being a bother by asking, most restaurants are happy to accommodate if they can
  • Again, don’t assume because it sounds healthy it is. Some restaurant-made quinoa salads can contain more sugar, fat and salt than a pizza
  • Order water (sparkling or flat). Save the drink calories for something else in your day.


Whatever activity you choose to do, get your butt moving. Take the stairs, run around the block, go to the gym, take a class, but aim for 3-4 days of a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise. Don’t try to be active every day as the first part of this plan may make you a bit fatigued and it’s important to listen to your body and respect that it may need some time to ‘clean-house’. Also, the body needs to repair in between exercise or you could increase your stress hormones, which means that you probably will be more agitated with me and the kids, so don’t do that.


Taking one bottle of water with you to work isn’t going to work. Pack three bottles. In addition to your morning glass, and evening glasses this will help you to flush fat and boost your energy.


Download the Recipes & Meal Plan

Thank you for all who have shown interest in following along with my hubby on The Hubby Diet. In celebration of a New Year and new changes we are offering the first two-week plan and all of the recipes in a content-packed downloadable PDF for $20.16. Click on the button below to get your copy!

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