Day 4 – October 15 (7 Day Fall Detox)

Upon Waking:  Half a lemon squeezed into room temperature 8 oz pure water
1/4 tsp probiotic (optional)
Within 40 minutes of Waking: 2 poached or scrambled free-run eggs with sliced tomatoes, 1 piece of whole grain bread (optional)
40 mins After Breakfast: Glass of 1/2 pure water, 1/2 unsweetened cranberry juice
Mid Morning Snack:  1/2 of blueberries, or handful of pumpkin seeds
30 mins Before Lunch: Glass of vegetable juice (freshly juiced best)
Lunch: Wild salmon sandwich or tuna sandwich with avocado and organic greens (whole grain bread)
If thirsty with lunch choose room temperature water only
Mid-Afternoon Snack:Veggie sticks or Vega or Lara Bar
30 mins Before Dinner: Glass of pure water
Dinner: Lentil  vegetable soup (homemade if possible) or brown rice and mung beans with green vegetable of your choice.
If thirsty with dinner choose room temperature water only
Sweet Snack: Pineapple or 3 squares of 70% dark chocolate
Late Night Snack if Desired: Banana or plain yogurt
**1 cup of green tea is an acceptable replacement for coffee**

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