Day 5 – October 16 (7 Day Fall Detox)

 Upon Waking:  Half a lemon squeezed into room temperature 8 oz pure water
1/4 tsp probiotic (optional)
Within 40 minutes of Waking: Steel cuts oats with raw honey and pecans.
40 mins After Breakfast: Glass of 1/2 pure water, 1/2 unsweetened cranberry juice
Mid Morning Snack: Peach
30 mins Before Lunch: Glass of vegetable juice (freshly juiced best)
Lunch:Vegetarian sushi rolls (avocado, cucumber, carrots, radish) try to find brown rice rolls or organic greens with avocado, assorted veggies and  with pure lemon and olive oil
If thirsty with lunch choose room temperature water only
Mid-Afternoon Snack: Handful of almonds or pure almond butter with whole grain crackers.
30 mins Before Dinner: Glass of pure water
Dinner:  Anti-biotic free turkey or chicken with spaghetti squash, spinach, and carrots. Season with herbs and spices (no packaged sauces)
If thirsty with dinner choose room temperature water only
Sweet Snack: Dates
Late Night Snack if Desired: air blown popcorn with flax oil and sea salt
**1 cup of green tea is an acceptable replacement for coffee**

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