Evoke The Elements Within


Finally a perfume that makes scents! The Canadian perfume brand Evoke is created by eco-expert Candice Batista who uses all natural high grade oils and plant botanicals while incorporating traditional Chinese medicine. These scents have a strong impact on both our emotional state and physical body. There are five different scents – or elements – that make up this eco line. These include metal, wood, fire, earth and water, which are all routed to assist different organs in our body. Evoke encourages its consumers to “listen to what your body needs and allow each scent to evoke the elements from within.”  Each element targets an organ and stimulates it by the wonderful scent that contains absolutely no generic fillers, synthetic fragrances, dyes, pesticides, and GMOs.

These fragrances are made in small batches, bottled by hand, and packaged in 100% recycled material especially for you or that special someone. To find out more about this must-have perfume and to purchase visit www.evoketheelements.com

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