Healthy Holiday Eating

It’s the Holiday Time! There’s a chill in the air, bright lights on the streets and festive frolicking at every mall. There is also holiday treats in the office at work, tins of sugary temptations at home and parties to go to with an abundance of heavy food options.  Although it is a cheerful time of year it can also be a guilt-ridden stressful time because of the lack of control surrounding food you may feel during the holidays.
You may wonder, how you are going to enjoy yourself and not gain weight?
You may think about it so much that you just say:
“Whatever! The holidays only come once a year so I am going to eat whatever I want and then worry about it in January.”
I like to call this the Food Trap Layaway. It’s the one responsible for the yo-yo cycle of weight-gain.  It’s the same as the buy now, pay later purchases we make.
As much as you tell yourself you will put money aside, or you will eat better tomorrow it is just so hard to put it into action.
It is no wonder that January is the most depressing month of the year.
This holiday season, I encourage you to change your self-talk to:
“I am going to be in-control of my food decisions and I am going to enjoy doing so”
You have it in you, just make the connection this time around.
Changing your perception about eating will help you to become more responsible for your health.  You will start to relate more to the feeling of giving your body good quality fuel rather than feeling bummed out that you have to deny yourself that gooey piece of Aunt Carol’s Sweet Potato Pie.
Changing your food attitude can create a feeling of empowerment and excitement that makes the holidays just as joyous.
This season, eat for health, rather than how it hits your palate.
All the best for a healthy and happy 2012!

Miranda Malisani
Holistic Nutritionist, Founder of Live Light Nutrition
Nutrition Expert for The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV

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