Mama Workout Laundry Basket Lat Pulls

As a mom of two boys, I have to be creative with my workouts. I always want to maximize the time we have together, but I feel so much better when I’m active. Plus, the bigger they get, the stronger I want to be.

So, in our house we combine our love for each other with our love for fitness.
My two-year-old loves our sitting inside our laundry basket and pretends that it’s a hot-air balloon. He asked me to make it fly so these lat pulls happened organically. He never wants me to stop, so I push through a lot more reps then I would normally do without him. Boy, do I feel the burn the next day.

It’s a win-win situation. He is active and sleeps better at night, I get a workout in and we have so much fun doing it together.

I treasure this time with him. <3


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