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Miranda Malisani, RNCP is a Toronto based Nutritionist who is recognized nationally for her expertise in holistic nutrition. Her down-to-earth attitude and ability to cater…… Read More

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Miranda lets you in on her secrets to make kids eat HEALTHY FOOD! The Polka Dot Plate is a video blog of the healthy and fun snacks and meals she makes for her 4 year old son.… Read More

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Miranda is the Nutrition Expert for The Marilyn Denis Show and has been on more than 100 times. She is thrilled to be part of this successful, national show now going into its fourth season.… Read More

The Polka Dot Plate Blog

Miranda lets you in on her secrets to make kids eat HEALTHY FOOD! The Polka Dot Plate is a video blog of the healthy and fun snacks and meals she makes for her 4 year old son.

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Miranda Malisani has been named “Nutrition Expert” and is a regular guest on The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV. She brings current nutrition advice for real life.

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Live Light Nutrition offers nutrition counseling, weight loss coaching, and wellness seminars. Although the focus is primarily nutrition, we understand that lasting results are only achieved through addressing the mind, body, spirit connection.

Feeling stuffed after your turkey feast?! Try this 1-day detox to get back on track. FIRST THING and sip throughout the day too (Make night before) Ginger, Lemon & Mint Water  Ingredients: 1.5 liters of filtered water 2 thumbnail sized ginger root (peel and slice, mince or shred) 2 organic lemons handful of fresh mint Directions: Wash produce well Remove rind from one lemon, slice and add to water. Squeeze the juice from the the other lemon. Add ginger and mint Stir and let infuse over night in the fridge Pour a glass first thing in the morning By 9… Read More
img_1031 It’s fall, but we aren’t ready to give up our summer smoothie just yet. This combo is loved by the boys for it’s creamy and sweet and has a fun purple colour. We call it Blu-cado because blueberries and avocado are the stars of this smoothie. Not only do these two taste yummy together, but the Vitamin K in the blueberries is better absorbed with avocado’s healthy fat. Blueberries are a super fruit for the brain. You could even call them brain-berries for they help to improve memory, and protect nerve cells for healthy cognitive function. Avocado is also a… Read More
img_1015 Sometimes they just won’t eat the dinner I make. It doesn’t matter what fancy bowl I use, dessert bribes or toy removal I threaten they just won’t eat it. I’m a softy. I have never been that mom that says “well you’re going to bed hungry then!” or “you’ll eat what we have made and that’s that.” I can’t have them feel hungry. They’ll be even more of a disaster the next day if that were the case. A hungry kid means crazy tantrums and I like to minimize those as much as possible. The other night my little one… Read More
img_0475 You know the cranberry sauce that slurps out of the can with the ring indents around it? That was my fave as a kid. I heaped it on my plate. I now know why I did that, one quarter cup has the same amount of sugar as half a cup of vanilla ice cream. I was eating dessert with my turkey. The sweetener added into that can of cran is high-fructose corn syrup. The increase in this ingredient in many packaged foods has also increased obesity rates over the years. I also loved  the stuffing, mashed potatoes and a big… Read More
fullsizerender Today I shared my 5 steps to get on track with your diet on The Marilyn Denis Show.  My biggest take away from this segment is to be kind but firm with yourself when making a change. It takes time to build up enough momentum both physically and emotionally to get into a new diet rhythm. Dedicate time to nurturing your health through the right foods and you will see huge changes ahead. I’d love to hear what’s worked for you, or if you have questions or comments share away!   Watch the segment here Step #1: PURGE THE JUNK… Read More
IMG_9622   PSB is code for pumpkin seed butter. I call it PSB balls because even though my kids will eat everything I make with PSB they think they dislike pumpkin seed butter. They also think they hate shredded coconut, golden berries and hemp hearts these days…but when they are rolled into these sweet little balls I can’t keep enough of them stocked. They make a great school snack (some ingredients are from a facility that processes nuts, so check with your school first), even a quick breakfast when you’re tight for time in the morning and I’ve even told my… Read More
  cereal bar   An old friend from elementary school came to visit me with her two adorable kids a few weeks back. Growing up we spent many days together listening to Smashing Pumpkins, talking about boys while snacking on her mom’s amazing cereal bars. It’s pretty special what you can experience when you indulge in enjoyable recollections of past events. I could almost taste those delicious bars when we were catching up. So I had to try my own version with a nutrition focus for my kids…and well, me too. So here they are with protein, minerals and healthy fats….did I… Read More
IMG_9513 Another throw together breakfast smoothie that worked out! And by worked out I mean the kids drank it. My little one actually asked for a BIG glass, so I did an inner mom dance and carried on. This one has a handful of baby kale and because of the chocolate colour they had NO IDEA. It’s those little things that can make you feel like you’ve got it all together…that is until I go past my heaping load of laundry. As you can see in the picture (posted on Instagram Story) I spelled help hearts instead of hemp hearts. I… Read More

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