Raspberry Vanilla Kids Smoothie


Sometimes they just won’t eat the dinner I make.

It doesn’t matter what fancy bowl I use, dessert bribes or toy removal I threaten they just won’t eat it.

I’m a softy. I have never been that mom that says “well you’re going to bed hungry then!” or “you’ll eat what we have made and that’s that.” I can’t have them feel hungry. They’ll be even more of a disaster the next day if that were the case. A hungry kid means crazy tantrums and I like to minimize those as much as possible.

The other night my little one said at dinner that he wanted a smoothie. How could I possibly argue with that. Somedays I just want a smoothie for dinner too.

There are days where we all feel hungrier than others, or have aversions to certain foods or are more inclined to eat specific ingredients. I feel that listening to this body intuition is key to teaching kids to learn about what their body is telling them. This will help them as an adult to navigate their individual health needs.  Now the same thing doesn’t apply when they crave Moose Tracks ice cream and feel their body needs it! Real wholesome food is what we are after.

So I made him one that replaced all of the nutrients we made for dinner.

Protein, healthy fats, fibre and some colourful antioxidants. He made it with me and we went through all of the ingredients as we made it and he polished the whole glass.

I made enough that he could have it for breakfast the next day too.

Raspberry Vanilla Kids Smoothie

Serves: 2 kids


1 cup unsweetened coconut milk

1/2 cup organic frozen raspberries

1 scoop Vega Protein & Greens Vanilla

1/4 cup organic greek yogurt

1/4 cup avocado

small handful of baby kale

2 tbsp hemp hearts


1. Blend in a high powered blender. We used the Vitamix Professional Series 750 



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