Recipe For Good Looks

With the fall approaching and the 35th annual film festival upon us, some basic measures are in order to look your best as the days become shorter and cooler. Here are our recommendations:

1. Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep is the most frequent cause of dark circles under the eyes, headaches and poor skin tone.

2. Drink 8-10 glasses of pure water throughout the day. Proper hydration will give your skin a gorgeous natural glow.

3. If you are going to parties and late film screenings, try and stay away from junk food and soft drinks. That will bloat your stomach (not flattering if trying to look like a star), possibly give you indigestion and perhaps some acne the next day.

4. Go easy on other beverages: Excessive alcohol drinking and smoking are also counterproductive to achieving good looks. You can still have fun by doing things in moderation, i.e. no binging.

5. Assist your liver and colon with detoxification. Reach for liver-loving artichoke, dandelion greens, lemon and milk thistle.

6. For fall and winter it is essential to have optimal levels of Vitamin D especially living in northern climates such as Canada. For a radiant appearance, try a combination of Vitamin D, C and E as well as some fish oil supplements.

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