Rice Crispy Treats ~ Livin’ Light Style

Living Light doesn’t mean dessert deprivation!

I have great memories of making the traditional Rice Crispy Squares when I was a kid and licking the gooey remnants of the sticky marshmallow bowl….and then having a sugar stomach ache an hour later!
So, I’ve taken the traditional ingredients (white rice krispies, marshmallows, butter and vanilla) and have swapped them for more health promoting ingredients.
We are keeping the feel-good memories, but subtracting the sour stomach.
Here’s the super simple recipe:
In a medium Dutch oven over low heat melt honey, brown rice syrup, sunflower seed butter in large bowl.
Add in brown rice crispies and stir until even. If you are a chocoholic add in some dark chocolate chips too. Add to a baking pan (coat with some grapeseed oil to prevent sticking)
Cool for 20 mins before eating.
Makes 1.5 dozen 1- inch squares

70% Dark Choc Chips

3 Cups Brown Crispy Rice

1_2 Cup Unpasteurized Honey – not safe for babies

1_2 Cup Brown Rice Syrup

1_2 Cup Sunflower Seed Butter or Almond Butter

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