Top 10 Eating-Out Nutrition No-No’s

It’s fun to explore a variety of different foods and restaurants, but keep in mind these nutrition no-no’s when you eat-out!

1) Drinking liquids with our meal. Drinking too much when eating dilutes digestive enzymes and slows down digestion leading to bloating, gas, etc.
Eating Correction: no more pop, or other carbonated beverages. Drink only 1/2 glass of room temp water if you must drink. Try drinking 1/2 hour before and 45-1 hour after a meal

2) Improper Food Combining
: Stop eating fruit after a meal! Eating fruit with or after a starch or a protein can cause fermentation in the gut, which leads to us feeling more bloated and hungrier sooner than we would if we skipped the fruit.
Eating Correction: Eat fruit in isolation 30 minutes before a meal or 45 min after. The only exception is papaya, pineapple and mango because of natural digestive enzymes that exist in these fruits. 3) Eating something sweet or cold after a meal. Cold foods like ice cream should be avoided right after a meal as anything cold or hot can also slow down digestive function.

Eating Correction: If you are craving a sweet cold treat wait 45 minutes to give your digestive organs some time to do their thing. 4) Assuming the named menu item is healthy without asking. Too many fast food restaurants will label their meals with misleading names like “grilled chicken” when many of these dishes contain more sodium and calories. If you are watching what you are eating make sure no matter where you go you can judge for yourself if the food is healthy.

Eating Correction: Read nutrition facts at a fast food joint or if ordering at a restaurant make sure to ask what kind of sauces are used, is there cream? butter? etc.  If so, you can make it healthier just by asking. 5) Ordering too much food. I know it often all looks so good and we are so hungry by the time we get to the restaurant, but we often go overboard with the amount we order. An appetizer, entree and dessert these days can equal to a ton more food than is necessary for us to eat. We then feel sluggish, bloated, cranky and sometimes even mad at ourselves, which can lead to a negative emotional connection to food and lack of energy for exercise.

Eating Correction: If you are out with another person, try ordering 2 appetizers, 1 entree and 1 dessert (30 mins later) or skip dessert all together. This way you won’t get as full and you can still have variety. 6) Adding too many condiments or sauces (that are full of sugar or fat) to our healthy food. Even if you do your best to order that gorgeous looking salad, if you are drenching it in a processed dressing (bad fat) you are contributing to potential imbalances to your health. Ketchup is probably the most overused condiment, which adds many empty calories to a meal.

Eating Correction: ask for pure olive oil and vinegar and substitute the ketchup for real salsa. 7) Eating dinner too late. Although making a reservation late makes it a little easier to get ready and excited for the evening, eating a heavy meal late can throw off the body’s natural way of detoxifying. For example, it takes us about 10 hours to digest beef. Say we eat it at 8:00 p.m. we are still digesting our food by 5 a.m. The body can’t spend time on detoxing if it is busy digesting.

Eating Correction: If you want to eat late make it a smaller meal that the body can work on digesting easier. Try to avoid heavy meats late at night and keep the lighter proteins, veggies and light carbs on your plate. 8) Feeling embarrassed to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle when with a group of people. Many feel that they will look stupid if they choose a healthy meal or ask for a substitute when eating out with their friends.

Eating Correction: You health is #1 and there are probably others at the table that will secretly be really impressed when you care about your health and it may even inspire them to do more for themselves.
9) Eating only for taste. We often only think in terms of if we like it or not, but we forget about the basic concept that food is our fuel and if we don’t start re-training our palate to like a variety of tastes we may deny our body of good overall health.
Eating Correction: To get started try eating at least one meal a day where you are only thinking about your health. Before you know it you will love the taste of healthy food and all of your meals will be based on your health. 10) Not eating enough raw foods. We tend to overcook everything and forget that raw food contains potent enzymes and nutrients that can really benefit us.

Eating Correction: Try eating 50% raw and 50% cooked at your next meal and every meal if you want to do something really exciting for your health!
Miranda Malisani
Holistic Nutritionist, Founder of Live Light Nutrition
Nutrition Expert for The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV

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