With an unlimited amount of variations, smoothies are a fun, yummy and healthy way to fuel, that is if you compose it with the right elements. Consider these 5 ingredients if you are blending for weight loss.

  1. GREENS: With many minerals and vitamins, fibre and minimal calories, leafy greens are one of the best foods to add to your weight loss smoothie. Begin with kale or spinach and work up to adding arugula and other stronger greens like watercress. Start with a 1/2 cup of greens and work up to 1 cup. To pump up the concentration of these heavy hitters try 1 tablespoon of Nova Greens from Nova Scotia Organics. It offers a great combination of organic greens and additional antioxidants. You’ll even find algae, the richest source of minerals available through food.
  2. PROTEIN: Without protein you will be hungry in 45 minutes. You need protein to maintain satiety. It will also help you to fuel your muscles so you can burn more fat. Try 1 scoop of  Vega Protein & Greens with 20 grams of plant based protein and 2 servings of greens (can’t go wrong with extra greens!) it will keep you fuelled and feeling balanced.
  3. HEALTHY FAT: This fat is not the fat that makes you gain weight! This is the fat that helps you to lose it! Not only will add a richness to your smoothie, making you feel like it’s more satisfying, but it will help your body to become more balanced. Omega-3’s found in fish oil are helpful for reducing inflammation in the body and target belly fat. Try adding 1 tsp of Sea-licious Fish Oil into your smoothie. Not only is  it an exceptionally pure product designed by Registered Dietician Karlene Karst, but it tastes so good! No fishy aftertaste and there are many flavours to choose from.
  4. An EASY TO DIGEST BASE: If you’ve been using cow’s milk in your smoothie, you may want to take a break from this in your weight loss smoothie. Cow’s milk can be hard to digest for many making weight loss efforts slower. Try using a non-dairy alternative such as unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk. Natur-a has many options to choose from. There are organic options and all products do not use GMO ingredients.
  5. KIND THOUGHTS AS YOU DRINK: One of the most important elements when it comes to weight loss is being kind to yourself.  Respect and honour where you are at, even if it is not where you want to be. It is a journey of change and change requires patience, awareness and compassion. We love the gear from The Kindness Warrior reminding us focus on kindness first!

Try this smoothie out to get started!

Cucumber Kale Smoothie

Serves 2


2 cups unsweetened almond milk from Natur-a

1/2 organic cucumber (skin on)

1/4 cup fresh or frozen pineapple

1 cup organic fresh or frozen kale

1 tbsp Nova Greens

1 tsp Tangerine Lime Sea-licious

2 scoops Vega Protein & Greens (vanilla)


  1. Blend in a high powdered blender until smooth.
  2. Add to a mason jar and store in the fridge or consume right away





I kept my composure during the segment, but inside I was doing cartwheels!!

This was one of those surreal feeling moments when I got to share a segment on The Marilyn Denis Show with someone who I’ve watched and admired for years! Jamie Oliver organically and passionately demonstrates his love for cooking real food and has put a huge spot light on how we can change our health and our children’s health with a focus on getting back to the basics, simply cooking.

I had the INCREDIBLE task of putting Jamie (and the cutest crew of elementary students in the audience) to the test when it comes to superfood pairs.These food duos work together to create supercharged nutrients for your better health.

Watch the segment HERE

Here’s the info below and some easy recipes to try out with your family!
1. Buckwheat + Peppers (Rutin + Vitamin C)

Buckwheat has a good source of Rutin, a bioflavonoid that helps enhance vitamin C found in peppers. When these two work synergistically together the result is improved circulation in the body and better cardiovascular health. This power pair helps to halt oxidation of bad cholesterol (LDL) from turning into plaque on the artery walls.

Buckwheat Stuffed Red Peppers
Serves 4

• 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
• 1 onions (around 300g), diced
• 1.5 cups roasted buckwheat (to roast place on frying pan for around 3-5 minutes until it starts browning and releases flavours, make sure you are stirring it to disperse the heat equally)
• 3 garlic cloves, minced
• 1/2 tsp salt
• Chilli powder to taste
• 1 handful parsley, chopped
• 4 red peppers use ones that are similar size to help with cooking
• 1 litre low sodium vegetable stock
• 1 can of tomatoes (400 g)

1 Heat the oil in a small saucepan on low and add the onion. Sauté for around 8-10 minutes until the onion starts to brown and caramelize.
2 Add the roasted buckwheat, garlic, salt, chilli and parsley and cook for a further 3 minutes.
3 Make a lid for the peppers by chopping towards the top (which will help to cook the buckwheat mixture inside). Make sure to clean the inside of any seeds and wash out before stuffing.
4 Stuff the peppers 3/4 of the way. Put the lid on top.
5 Take a saucepan that will fit all 4 peppers inside but that it will be a firm fit. Place the peppers side by side.
6 Add the stock just enough to cover the peppers and with a spoon, add about 2-3 tablespoons of the liquid into each pepper and place the lid back on top.
7 On a medium heat cook for 10 minutes. Partially cover with lid.
8 Add the can of tomatoes, adding about 1-2 tbs of it into each peppers and cook for a further 10 minutes. Partially cover with lid.
9 It’s finished when the buckwheat is cooked.

2. Kale + Chickpeas (magnesium + B6)


Kale is rich in the calming mineral magnesium which helps us to reduce anxiety and makes us feel happier. When magnesium is combined with B6 (found in chickpeas) the result is better absorption in the body and a super mood boosting duo.
Kale & Hummus Wrap

1 whole grain, paleo or raw vegetable wrap
2 tbsp hummus
1 handful of kale, sliced or baby kale
1/4 avocado, sliced
1 baby cucumber, sliced length ways
1 tbsp hemp hearts, sprinkled

1. spread hummus on wrap
2. lay kale down, followed by the rest of the vegetables
3. carefully fold


3. Sweet Potatoes + Avocado (Vitamin A + Healthy fats)

Sweet potatoes contain an excellent source of beta-carotene (which gets converted into Vitamin A in your body) Vitamin A provides healthy glowing skin, immune and reproductive health. In order for your body to absorb it fully, a healthy fat (found in the avocado) should be combined.

Baked Sweet Potato Wedges with an Avocado Lemon & Dill Dip


Sweet Potatoes Wedges:
2 sweet potatoes
2 tbsp avocado oil
2 garlic gloves, minced
dash of sea salt and pepper


Avocado Lemon & Dill Dip:
• 1 med ripe avocado
• 2 tbsp fresh dill
• 1/2 lemon, juice only
• 2 tbsp organic 5% plain yogurt

Sweet Potato Wedge Instructions:

1. Preheat oven to 400° F. Line a baking sheet with unbleached parchment.
2. Wash and cut each sweet potato length-wise into 8 wedges.
3. In a large bowl, toss wedges with oil, garlic, salt and pepper
4. Spread wedges evenly on the parchment paper and bake for 25 minutes, flip halfway through.
5. Serve with avocado yogurt and dill dip

Avocado Dip Instructions:

In a small food processor add all ingredients and pulse until smooth
Store in the fridge until ready to serve
4. Apples & Raspberries (ellagic acid + quercetin)


Together, apples and raspberries improve the disease-fighting powers of antioxidants. Ellagic acid (found in raspberries) enhances the ability of quercetin (found in apples) to kill off cancerous cells.

Miranda’s Raspberry Apple Muffins
Makes 12


1 3/4 cup millet flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp sea salt
2 organic apples, chopped or grated (leave the peel on)
1 cup organic raspberries, fresh or frozen (if frozen let thaw for 10 minutes)
1/3 cup raw honey
2 tbsp pure maple syrup
1 pod of bourbon vanilla, seeds scraped or 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
1/3 cup coconut oil, melted
1/2 cup organic 5% plain yogurt
2 organic eggs
Preheat oven to 350 F
Line muffin tin with papers
Mix flour, baking powder, baking soda, sea salt in a medium bowl and whisk to combine
In a separate bowl add the coconut oil, honey, maple syrup, yogurt, vanilla and eggs until combined
Pour in the apples and raspberries and using the whisk press down to slightly crush the fruit
Mix together until combined
Pour batter filling 3/4 of muffin liners
Bake for 25 minutes or until golden brown




Serving my 2 growing boys healthy food is one of my top priorities on my “Mom must-do list”. The most common barrier to checking this chore off my list is, of course, time. When there is a whole lot of life happening, as it is in all families, sometimes it is hard to construct a healthy meal every single night.

When confronted with those busy evenings of late work schedules, kids activities and empty fridges, I don’t grab fast food from a drive through, but I will grab fast food from a grocery store. Here I can find some healthy meals  that are made with fresh ingredients that I can clearly see on the label. I have a checklist in my head that it needs to pass; no preservatives, no unhealthy fats, no artificial colours or flavours. I am looking for real ingredients prepared in a way that maintains nutrients. I know that there will be slightly higher sodium then I use at home, but I can deal with this as I just ensure we keep it to a minimum in the earlier part of the day. Foods that fit this check list are not abundant in the grocery aisles so when I do find a healthy ready made product it makes the nutritionist in me happy and I want to share it with everyone!

With Fall here, soup season is also here as it’s our natural instinct to want warming foods when it’s cooler and damp outside. Happy Planet fresh soups have been a nourishing and easy reach for our family and we’ve been turning them into full meals with a couple easy additions.  There’s lots to love about this company as there soups are:

Made with fresh, premium, natural and certified organic ingredients

Gluten Free

Organic, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan options

Contain NO preservatives, artificial ingredients, colourings or anything that you can’t pronounce!

Proudly Canadian & made in small kettle batches in BC & Ontario

They have an impressive variety for every palate, but the top two soups that have been in our weekly rotation lately are the West African Squash & Cashew and the Indian Split Pea Soup.

The West African Squash & Cashew combines some of my favourite warming spices; turmeric (anti-inflammatory), cinnamon (blood sugar stabilizing) and ginger (digestive aid). With the  creaminess of coconut, this soup has a zingy and velvety flavour that is just so good and best of all my kids like it too.

I love that they use simple ingredients that I would put in my own soup (Indian Split Pea Soup):  water, organic yellow split peas, organic onions, organic tomatoes (organic tomatoes, organic basil), organic coconut cream (organic coconut cream, organic guar gum), organic spinach, organic garlic, organic spices, organic sunflower oil, sea salt, organic coriander. 


Now, my boys are h-u-n-g-r-y (now!) when they arrive home from school. They’ve burned a ton of energy and are now waiting for mommy to refuel them so that they can keep me on my toes the rest of the night. For dinner, when they need a larger meal I will make the Happy Planet soup the star of the meal and add a pasta or grain to fill the hunger gaps. Yesterday I made a big batch of quinoa (actually a seed, but I digress), which I used as a base for the Indian Split Pea Soup. I was able to stretch one pouch of soup for our family of four.

The Indian Split Pea Soup has a bit of heat to it, my boys weren’t bothered, but if you have little ones with sensitivity to spice try it first before you serve it. You can give them some plain organic yogurt on the side which is fun and helps take away any residual spice that may come from spices.

You could do also add quinoa, wild rice or brown rice to the West African Squash & Cashew Soup. I have also prepared it on top of roasted spaghetti squash and it was de-lic-ious!!  Try adding leftover sprouted tofu and chicken when you need a little extra protein. Although the soup is delicious and satisfying on its own, by adding a creative touch you can have a real satiating crowd pleaser that cuts dinner prep time, clean-up time, and means I may be able to fold the heaping pile of laundry that has been growing all week! I know.

I also love how convhpp4191_groupshot_nolid_intub_300x225_sm_150_rgbenient the little soup containers are for an fast lunch for my hubby. He is notorious for waiting too long to eat and then being ravenous when he gets home. He has been taking the to-go cups with him and a couple of boiled eggs and has them between his meetings. Now when he comes home he is not forging past me to the fridge every time he walks in the door. Win win!


Happy Planet soups can be found in most grocery stores across Canada. To find a store closest to you click here.

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Happy Planet, the opinions and language are my own.


Photo Credit: The Marilyn Denis Show

If you’re my friend, you know that this is my go-to treat to bring to parties, when I have company, or when I am in need of a little chocolate/peanut butter therapy. I even brought them on The Marilyn Denis Show as a healthy halloween treat last October.

Once you make a batch they last for a few months in the freezer, so these bad boys are ready for you when you want a bite or two.

With only 6 ingredients that you probably have in your cupboard right now!

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups 

Makes 24 minis


2/3 cup organic coconut oil
½ cup organic cocoa powder
½ cup pure maple syrup
1 tsp cinnamon
½ tsp pure vanilla extract
12 tsp organic peanut butter

1. Melt coconut oil on low heat and add cocoa powder, maple syrup, cinnamon and vanilla. Stir until smooth.
2. Pour 1.5 teaspoons of the mixture into mini muffin papers.
3. Freeze for 10 minutes.
4. Take ½ teaspoon of peanut butter and flatten onto chocolate cups.
5. Pour a thin layer of the chocolate mixture on top of the peanut to cover.
6. Freeze for another 10 minutes.
7. Remove and enjoy!
*Best kept in the freezer, but can also be kept in the fridge

You can use any nut or seed butter to replace the peanut butter.

Miranda <3

Gluten-Free Chocolate Avocado Cake

Gluten-Free Chocolate Avocado Cake

This cake speaks for itself.  Creamy chocolate, creamy avocado. Not much more to say but YUM.

From a nutritional perspective, it’s a heart healthy cake. I used avocado and olive oil in this recipe which contain a significant amount of monounsaturated fat which help to support and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Raw cacao is rich in the mineral magnesium which helps to relax your heart and you in general. I gave it to the boys for dessert tonight and after doing 20 laps around the house they slipped into dream land faster than usual. I’m going to thank the magnesium for that.

I made it without nuts so it will also be packed in their lunch as a healthy treat tomorrow.

Here’s the recipe:

Gluten-Free Chocolate Avocado Cake


1 cup millet flour (I assume any GF flour would work here)

1/2 cup coconut sugar

1/4 tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp sea salt

2 tbsp raw cacao powder

1/4 cup raw honey

1 ripe avocado

1/4 cup organic virgin olive oil

2 tbsp plain goat cream cheese

7 tbsp organic unsweetened apple sauce (the amount in the little snack pack cups)

1 organic egg

1/2 cup Camino dark chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 350 F
  2. In a medium bowl add all dry ingredients and whisk to combine
  3. In another medium bowl add all wet ingredients. Use the whisk to break down the avocado and combine with other ingredients until smooth
  4. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and combine
  5. Add dark chocolate chips and stir
  6. Add mix to a baking pan. I used my favourite heart shaped pan, closest to a 10×10 sized pan.
  7. Place on the middle rack of the oven and bake for 25 minutes. Stick a toothpick in it to test  – it’s ready if it comes out dry.
  8. Let cool and enjoy!

<3 Miranda



Fish oil. Yup, I did. I put it in my frozen treats for the boys and they loved it.

Sea-licious Maple Fish oil is so tasty that they’ll pull the bottle out of the fridge themselves and remind me to give it to them.

Let’s be clear, I don’t get into great detail of the specific ingredients inside.  They have no idea that there’s anchovy, mackeral, and sardine body oil mixed into these Maple Vanilla Frozen Cups. They just care that it tastes good. And I care that they eat it and get the health benefits.

I do tell them that it will make them smarter and make them see better because fish oil is crucial for growing brains and healthy eyes.

I wanted to get creative with these frozen treats with Halloween around the corner. With the scary amount of food colouring, unhealthy fat, and additives in most Halloween candy, I always try to entice the kids with my treats to detour them from their loot.

Okay the taste is obviously delicious because I can use it in this dessert, but there’s so much more to love about this company and this fish oil.

Sea-licious is a Canadian company created by rock-star Dietician and mom of three, Karlene Karst. She developed it from a place of love and the desire to nourish her family. It is such a great product that it has trickled into a huge amount of Canadian homes and bellies.

The quality of this product is exceptional. It has a bright red colour (not food colouring) as a result of the ASTA-GUARD™ (algae astaxanthin), which is one of the most powerful antioxidants available today. It is over 130 times more potent than vitamin C and gives Sea-licious its unique colour. ASTA-GUARD™ helps to protect our bodies’ cells from toxic damage and free radicals while preserving and protecting Sea-licious from light, air and heat.


And there’s more…

Each serving has 1,000 mg of Vitamin D. Winter is just around the corner (insert sad face), and Vitamin D is truly important to maintain good health.

It is also sweetened with monk fruit, is non-GMO, gluten-free, contains no shellfish and is 5-star IFOS tested and certified for purity, potency and freshness.

In addition to our fave maple flavour (how Canadian!) they have a wide variety of other products for consumers young to old. Our top faves are the pregnancy formula and the kids cotton candy combination. You can check out other awesome Sea-Licicious products here.

Getting back to my Maple Vanilla Frozen Bites, these treats are not just for your kids. You should eat them too! Omega-3 fats found in fish oil provide glowing skin, shinier hair and stronger nails better than any topical product. It’s beauty from the inside out.

Essential fats are crucial for a healthy heart and brain from age 0 to 100. It’s challenging for many to get these fats in their diet, so supplementation is a good option. The result is better concentration, calmer moods, sharper memory, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and decreased inflammation overall.

Here’s the recipe so you can make a batch and see for yourself!

Maple Vanilla Frozen Cups

Makes 8

1/4 cup unsweetened coconut milk

1 tbsp Sea-Licious Natural Maple

1/4 cup unsweetened virgin coconut oil

1/4 cup pure maple syrup

1 tbsp pumpkin seed butter

1 vanilla pod, scraped seeds or 2 tsp pure vanilla

1 tsp cinnamon


  1. Blend ingredients in a blender
  2. Add even amount to 8 mini muffin liners on a mini muffin tray
  3.  Stick in the freezer for 2 hours or until hardened

Keep in the freezer and have one when to satisfy a sweet craving



Although this post has been generously sponsored by Sea-Licious, the opinions and language are my own.






PSB Balls



PSB is code for pumpkin seed butter. I call it PSB balls because even though my kids will eat everything I make with PSB they think they dislike pumpkin seed butter.

They also think they hate shredded coconut, golden berries and hemp hearts these days…but when they are rolled into these sweet little balls I can’t keep enough of them stocked.

They make a great school snack (some ingredients are from a facility that processes nuts, so check with your school first), even a quick breakfast when you’re tight for time in the morning and I’ve even told my little one that it’s his dessert. You could even benefit from it post-workout.



PSB Balls


1/2 cup pumpkin seed butter

1/4 cup raw honey

1/4 cup camu cranberries 

1/4 cup golden berries

1/4 cup dark chocolate chips

1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

1 tbsp cocoa powder


  1. Mix together pumpkin seed butter and honey and cocoa powder in a medium bowl until combined
  2. In a small food processor chop up cranberries, golden berries and chocolate chips
  3. Add berries and chocolate chips to the PSB and honey mixture
  4. Add in coconut and mix together
  5. Form into small balls and place on a cookie sheet
  6. Store in the fridge


Want to watch how it’s made? Check out Miranda’s Facebook Live Post

*Some ingredients are from a facility that processes tree nuts. Be sure to check with your school first before sending certain ingredients. 



Calling all SheRos in the GTA and surrounding areas!! Hurry up and get your tickets for the upcoming Empowered In My Skin event on September 17th at The Savoy in Markham.

The event is called from SheRo to SheEO: Be The Master of Your Decision!
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This event will prepare you to fully LOVE your S.H.A.P.E. It will help you to take the right steps to transform your life and live every day more purposefully.

I am honoured to speak among a powerhouse group of women, organized by the incredible Jully Black and Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson (BFF’s for over 20 years), we are super pumped to spend the day with you and bring a new sense of fulfillment, passion and desire into your life!

Get your tickets here: Empowered In My Skin Tickets

Learn more about the event here:
“If you want to be an empowered women empower a woman” — NinaShaw



I’ve probably attempted 3,000 smoothie variations over the past seven years while trying to sneak as many different veggies and fruits into my kids bellies. Some work, MANY fail.

As you can imagine and probably already know, leafy greens are the hardest to “sneak” in due to it’s natural bitter flavour. I am persistent with adding them because I believe that integrating them into the boys diet is super important for their long term diet outlook. This isn’t just because leafy greens have an abundant amount of nutrients, but because the more bitter foods they have in their diet, the sweeter foods taste.

When real foods like strawberries and raspberries taste sweet they are less inclined to want the candy flavoured strawberry or raspberry that is artificially made much much sweeter. See where I am going here. More bitter, less sweet. Less sweet, better real food choices… and my job becomes easier.

Today, I made a tropical smoothie with two of my favourite fruits for healthier digestion, mango and pineapple. But the real star of this smoothie was local arugula.

Arugula is one of the most bitter leafy greens and also happens to have the most liver-supporting power.

So, today I threw it in the bottom of my Vitamix Professional Series 750 and layered mango, pineapple, hemp hearts, coconut milk, banana and some plant based protein.

I blended it, poured it in my little mason jars with coloured paper straws (those extras have helped me in the past).

I got an initial look of “yucky” by my 3-year-old and a glare of “I don’t think so” by my 6-year-old, but I pushed them to try it. They drank a tiny little sip at first and then took a bigger one a few seconds later.

They both didn’t say anything, but continued to drink it. And that’s okay in my nutrition-focused world.

They didn’t finish it, but they liked it.

Green smoothie success.



Here’s the recipe if you want to try it too:

Pina Green-Lota Smoothie 

(It made enough for 3 of us…one big, 2 small mason jars)


1 handful of arugula

1 fresh mango

3/4 cup fresh or frozen pineapple

1.5 cups unsweetened coconut milk

1/2 banana (optional)

2 tbsp hemp hearts

1.5 scoops Vega Vanilla Protein & Greens 


  1. Blend and give it a whirl.

If they (or you) don’t like it the first time, don’t forget that you can train tastebuds to enjoy more bitter foods in as little as 3 weeks. Or if arugula proves to be to strong tasting try spinach…baby steps.

Keep on trying!








Smoothie bowls are a creative way to present your morning smoothie and boost its healthiness by adding even more nutritious foods on top! It can be a fun morning activity for children that will give them choices when it comes to their breakfast. You will want a smoothie that is on the thicker side so that toppings will stay on top of your smoothie. Each bowl can be customized with toppings such as fruit, nuts, seeds and various superfoods. Here’s one of my fave bowls!

Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl

1-2 servings

•Half of a banana
•Half of an orange
•1/3 cup frozen raspberries
•1/3 cup frozen blueberries
•4 chunks frozen pineapple
•1 cup baby spinach
•3/4 cup of water or nut milk

Blueberries, strawberries, other half of banana, orange unsweetened coconut, chia seeds


  1. Blend all smoothie ingredients well.
  2. Pour into bowl
  3. Assemble toppings.

Holly Morris, R.H.N.

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