Miranda’s 3-Month Program (only a few spots left)

Dancing for love of your fruit and vegetables

Need Miranda’s Help to Make a Major Lifestyle Change?

Miranda currently offers a three-month one-on-one customized online nutrition program, and only takes on a select number of clients. The next available start dates are September 1st, October 1st & November 1st.  Miranda’s assessment is based on a thorough investigation of your lifestyle patterns and habits. Her program is individually designed and requires a good deal of commitment and dedication.

Her program includes customized meal plans, weekly check-ins and fine-tuning, unlimited support, coaching and most importantly a understanding of your emotional connection with your existing food patterns. Before signing up, Miranda conducts an interview with you to ensure that she will be able to offer you the coaching you require.

There is only one spot left for both September and October.

If you are serious about making a permanent lifestyle change email admin@mirandamalisani.com for more information.
  1. Faye says:

    I love your no nonsense approach to healthy eating…. I am wondering if you have any recipes for a Nutritional protein bar? Something to stave off hunger, or just to sate that sweet urge…

    Thank you Miranda!!!

  2. Bonny Febbo says:

    I would like to know the cost of your 3 month program.

    Thank you.

  3. Lisa says:

    How much is the three month program?

    Thank you

  4. Reta Mestdagh says:

    Hello Miranda, my name is Reta and I need your help with nutrition for my family. We our a unique family that has a lot of restrictions with food. My son has an illiostomy, no large intestine, so he is not suppose to eat any nuts, seeds, high fiber foods, gasious foods etc. My husband had open heart surgery to replace a defective valve, he is on warfarin a blood thinner, so he is limited on the foods that are green. These foods will affect his blood level. My daughter is overweight but would like to be a vegetarian. She loves pasta. I don’t like a lot of vegetables. It has been very difficult coming up with a meal that everyone will like. Also my husband works straight midnights, my son isn’t home until 6pm and my daughter works mostly late afternoon 3or4pm until 10-11:30pm. I am not working due to health issues (copd). We live in Woodstock Ontario so this online program wood be great if you thought it would help with my unique situation. Thank you
    Reta Mestdagh

  5. michelle smith says:


    I would like to know the cost of your 3 month program.

    Thank you.


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